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Cartridge style cutoff holders
for inserts or blades


Compact Rigid Design works with most pick off and back finish attachments


Easy Center Height Adjustment. Pivoting adjustment of cartridge allows very easy and accurate adjustment of center height (for any machine aberrations) with virtually no effect on X-axis to affect timing of cutoff.


Preset Adjustable Center Height Stop. After center height is adjusted, the adjustment remains preset with a self locking feature.  this allows cartridges to be changed for different width cuts and still maintain the preset center height for that particular machine.


Optimum Nib Free Parts and Tool Life can be achieved with easier center height adjustment and the preset adjustable center height stop.


Optimum Part Finish and Flatness.  Built in taper adjustment can quickly and accurately compensate for machine wear or error to optimize fart finish and flatness.


Built in Adjustable Coolant Line on holder to extend tool life to its maximum potential and save time during set up.

Faster Set Up, Faster Midproduction Adjustments, More Accurate Work, and Less Scrap

The precision ground fits and surfaces are combined with micrometer adjustment screws.  This allows fast, accurate, predictable adjustments for diameter / cutoff timing and part length. Disc spring washers are also combined with this system for a controlled tension during precision adjustments.

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