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Self-Centering Cutoff Holders


Adjustable Cutoff Tool Block provides top rake and maintains center height with different blade extensions. The sliding tool block can be set at various graduations which determine what the blade extension should be set at to maintain center height. This allows you to use the minimum possible blade extension to get maximum rigidity. Also, maximum rigidity allows you to use the minimum blade thickness to get minimum stock waste.

Precision Taper Adjustment to control finish and flatness.


Precision Depth Adjustment and Side Adjustment Screws that are marked and numbered for quick, accurate and predictable adjustments.


Built in Adjustable Coolant Spout can be adjusted to the desired length for precise cooling of cutoff blade to extend tool life to it’s maximum potential. Included on all models except ACO-5.


Common Blade Heights of 11/16” or 1 1/8” (dependent on machine size). Other sizes available with special request.

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